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Sell online with your Own Branded Mobile App

Whether you have multiple stores or you want to build marketplace for sellers in your mobile app, we have complete solutions ready for you.

Build any kind of app for restaurant, hotel booking or marketplace network. Web + Android + iOS apps

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After donation you can download FREE app builder and create your first commerce App for free. We have paid plans also to enhance your app in case you need it.

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Discover How we Can Build a App To Help Your Business Without Any code.

Due to Covid situation every one is already convinced about apps and technology, if you delay in building apps you will loose potential business opportunity.

Generally we don’t find right solution or if we get one it’s costly to buy and maintain.
Sometimes we have solution and cost but don’t get right team to support your app/client.


Native App Builder has built apps/modules since 7+ years which is being used by many businesses worldwide and is offering free service to start and grow your business.

We also understand that you may not have time to learn or understand something new hence our team will help you to build your app without any additional cost.

You have direct access to easy app editor so that you can make changes to your app and also backed by our team to do changes on your behalf.

On top of that , it’s all Free for web version and affordable plans for native android/ios app.

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Apps created with our platform will save $1000 towards development and support fee. This is time and money saver, so act quickly!

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My client is happy with app so I am

“I'm a loyal fan of NativeAppBuilder, super and free app builder. I have created free app and sold it to my first client for $500!" *

Paul A.
I am new to app building but Support did amazing job!!!

I had tried many app builder but I am surprised to see real team to build my app for free, highly recommended

Christine M.

9 Reasons to go the Native App Builder platform..

Reason #1: FREE Forever

It's free to create your app

Reason #2: Easy to change content

Just few clicks and app is ready

Reason #3: Works for any kind of apps

Whatever you need , it's already there

Reason #4: Save Time

Save time so that you can focus on sales

Reason #5: Professional Touch

Professional designers to help me for free

Reason #6: All App Store

Publish it on Android/Apple/Web

Reason #7: Improves Business

We take care of everything efficiently

Reason #8: Reduces Delivery Time

Deliver fast with ready solutions

Reason #9: Active Developments

dedicated team to fix bugs and improvements

Complete whitelabel Apps without any compromise - FREE FOREVER

BONUS: ONE to ONE skype call

Quick call about our platform and various ways to make and sell app

In this quick call , we look at the your requirements and understand your need.
This will help you map out the features that would suit your app the best.
Other things to look forward to this call are:

And so much more...

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Ready to start your own mobile App business and make money?

NativeAppBuilder is on mission to help you get the professional , simple app you desire. We decided to build all the modules you need after being tired of finding right solution for our own clients. We're committed to help you get a profitable app business.

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